See what my past students have to say! 

Doing classes with Trisha fundamentally changed our birth plan - we became participants in planning and preparing for our birth, rather than just observers.
The classes helped us to figure out what was important to us at our birth and how to maximize our chances of getting the birth we want.
Trisha provides great handouts and a wealth of knowledge on the entire process of labor and delivery, and if we ever had a question she didn’t know offhand, she researched it and sent a follow up email to make sure we understood the material. We are excited about our upcoming birth and feel like we are better prepared for the labor, delivery, and postpartum period, and are so thankful to have Trisha as a resource.
— Shannon B.
My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Trisha for the birth of our son. From the beginning, we were impressed with Trisha. She presented us with a very professional summary of her services and was very flexible to teach her classes around our very busy schedule. I was pleasantly surprised with her classes. Trisha is extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter she teaches and has a unique ability to teach what’s important and relevant, while keeping class light and interactive. We learned a ton from her classes and felt confident going into the birth.
— K&T
“My husband and I recently took birthing classes with Trisha. We were first time, pretty young, parents, and didn’t know exactly what to expect. We decided that we wanted to go the natural route, but no one our family had ever done it before. I knew that I wanted to do it with out any interventions, but I wasn’t sure that I would be able to. We set up a time with Trisha for her to teach us privately at our home. It was great being able to ask all of the questions we had without feeling dumb. She has tons of awesome videos, slideshows, and amazing visual aids, and she definitely knows what she is talking about. We knew what kind of birth experience we wanted to have before we took the classes, but Trisha taught us how to make it happen! I felt so empowered after going through her classes; she really made me feel like I could do it – and I did! I would [and have] recommend her to everyone I know whether they are doing a natural birth or not.”
— Kim L.
As a first-time Mom with so much to learn, Trisha was an excellent instructor and resource for a very important time in my family’s life. From the labor process and pain management to newborn care and breastfeeding, Trisha offered a more natural perspective on these topics than just what modern medicine teaches us today.
It was great to hear both what my Doctor advised and Trisha’s experience being a Doula and Certified Childbirth Educator to allow my husband and I to make informed decisions about our birth plan.
I would recommend Trisha to anyone interested in being fully prepared for labor, first time or not. Having her come to our home was great and allowed my husband and I to ask the questions we may not ask in a room full of 20 strangers.
Thank you Trisha for preparing us for such an important event!
— Dawn and Will Hoverson
The classes we took with Trisha were terrific because she went through the material at a pace and in a style uniquely tailored to us. We were never bored or put out by having a birthing class, rather it was more like a meeting between friends in which we happened to get a lot of information! She is very flexible and allowed us to have the classes on different days and times when we could fit them in. My husband could never have attended all the classes with me but for that since he works very demanding hours. Trisha was always very prepared and gave us lots of workbooks and handouts that we could refer to later. Of course if we couldn’t find something we could call or email her any time. I once got an email back from her at 3am!
— Gemma M.
As a VBAC Dad—let me just say, “SERENITY BIRTH SERVICE SERVICES IS AMAZING!” We had no clue what to expect after we decided that we didn’t want another C-Section, but each session confirmed that we made the best decision for Mommy & Baby. My wife delivered a beautiful 9lb 8oz little girl after a very popular OB/GYN said she would never be able to... Thank God for this Service!!”
— J.H