Start with a Free Consultation!
Interview me face to face. Take this time to get to know me, and ask me questions. Some people want to call and talk before we meet, and that is absolutely fine! (Calling a potential doula may help you decide if you want to proceed with an interview or not).

Unlimited Phone and E-mail Support:
This means from the moment you hire me, I will be available to you by phone, and/or e-mail.  I am here to ease your fears and concerns, and help you understand whatever it is you need to know about your pregnancy, birth or newborn concerns. Not only will I be available to you throughout your pregnancy, I will continue this phone and email support until you are at least six weeks postpartum.

Read Books from my Lending Library:
I have several good books on pregnancy and childbirth that I lend out to my clients. I also have a few DVD's available as well!


Prenatal Visits (one or two depending on package):
During these visits, we will get to know each other better. I will discuss your birth plans with you and your husband/friend/family member, and determine what your goals are for your birth. I will provide some education during our visits to better inform you of your choices. We will discuss things like common practices, and procedures for your pregnancy, labor and delivery. We will go over non-medicated pain relief techniques and practice using them. I will help you write up a birth plan, if you would like to have one.  Consider taking my childbirth classes! You will have more time to get to know me, and I will learn more about you and what you are seeking for your birth. 
*Please note: Because I cover some of the same information from my childbirth classes at prenatal visits, childbirth classes take their place, but I may spend more time with you each class if you would like!  There is an additional charge if you'd like prenatal visits AND childbirth classes.   

I will be happy to provide acupressure as the need arises throughout labor.  Clients have the option of adding up to 30 minute acupressure session to prenatal and postpartum visits.  Here are some examples of what I might be able to help you with:
Minimize pregnancy discomforts such as nausea/vomiting, back pain, sciatica, and hemorrhoids, etc. 
Minimize postpartum discomfort and issue ssuch as after-pains, hemorrhoids, insufficient let down, engorgement, perineal discomfort, etc
Acupressure in Labor:  Reestablishing contractions, facilitate fetal descent, reduce pain and anxiety, rotate posterior and ascynclitic babies. 


Labor and Delivery Support:
I will provide continuous emotional and physical support during your labor and delivery. I will enhance your partner/friend/family member’s role, - not take their place. I will be with you from the moment you decide you would like me to be there. I can help you while you labor at home until you are ready to go to the hospital, or you can call me when you get there. It’s all up to you!
After delivery, I usually stay about an hour to help you with breast-feeding assistance and make sure you are comfortable. I will keep a timeline of events during the birth, and will share that with you!

Free TENS Rental: 
Doula clients who meet the proper requirements, and have permission from their providers, will have the option of using one of my Elle TENS units.  This unit is designed specifically for labor, and helps reduce the contraction intensity during labor. 
Please read more about TENS here

Photo:  Valerie Lopez

Photo:  Valerie Lopez

Labor Tool Kit:  
Each client purchasing the Silver Package or up will receive the labor tool kit.  These can be used prior to labor, during early labor and even after the birth! The following is included in the labor tool kit: 
A rebozo: This can be used to help relieve neck tension, hip pain, round ligament pain, contraction intensity, relaxation and so much more!
A noodle:  This swim noodle is great for relaxing those sore lower back, and gluteal muscles. Great for counter pressure in labor too!  You can't buy this swim noodle at your local store, or even your local swimming pool store.  I buy these bad boys online :-) 
Two rubber balls:  Great for counter pressure for pregnancy discomfort and labor contractions.  May also be used to alleviate sciatica pain.


Immediate Breastfeeding Assistance after Birth with Lip/tounge Tie Assessment: 

The first hour of baby’s life is said to be the “golden hour” to begin breastfeeding.  This is because newborns are often the most alert right at this time.  Studies show that mothers' who breastfeed within the golden hour are more likely to have breastfeeding success, and improves the health of the baby.  You can read more about the "Golden Hour" by doing a quick Google search.  Here is a short article:

As a breastfeeding educator and counselor, I can help you get an effective latch and get you on the road to breastfeeding success!  I will be happy to access each baby for lip and tongue ties, and provide my doula clients with other breastfeeding support during their postpartum visits.  Additional sessions can be purchased at a discounted rate, just for clients!  

Lip/Tongue Tie Assessment:  Babies who are tongue-tied may have problems latching effectively to the breast. They may slide off, lose suction, and some cannot latch at all.  Because they cannot latch as deep as they need to, this can cause sore nipples, damaged nipples, and decrease milk supply.  Not all lip/tongue ties can create problems!  Some babies have significant ties and nurse very well with no problems.  Some babies have small lip and/or tongue ties and have lots of problems. It seems that we are having an influx of this issue, and it is thought to be a gene mutation. 
You can read more about this at the following websites:

One or more postpartum visits:
I will meet with you once in your home after the birth (this is usually done just a few days after the birth).  We’ll talk about the birth and I will provide you with a timeline of events that happened during your birth.(Some things might be a bit fuzzy for mom!)  Usually, mom and dad have all kinds of questions about their newborn, and it is my hope that I provide parents with the confidence and skills necessary to handle the daily tasks of living with a newborn and to increase the family bond.  As a breastfeeding counselor,  I can help you with breastfeeding, or refer you to somebody if you need extra help. My breastfeeding support is included in the postpartum visits at no additional charge.  Postpartum visits are a nice way to to finish out our doula relationship, but they are not required.  

Discounts on my Other Services:
Clients receive discounts on my Prepared Childbirth Course, additional classes taken singly, breastfeeding visits, acupressure visits and even photography.  (Photography offered by professional photographers with whom I collaborate with). 

Backup Doulas Available:
It is always my intention to be with my clients who hire me. Not only is this a professional decision, it is a personal one. I have poured my heart into learning the fears, excitement and goals for each of my clients births, and I have become invested in being there for them on one of the most important days of their lives.  Sometimes, even the best laid plans are not meant to be. If I am sick or perhaps with another birthing mother, I am at peace that my clients will have a wonderful, caring doula that will give them the same attentive care I would give them myself. I have chosen wonderful doulas to collaborate with and together we provide a circle of support for each other. We share the same ideals, birth philosophies, compassion and integrity - yet we each have our own unique style and personality. If one of my backup doulas is not available or is not the right fit for you, I have a larger network of doulas that will surely provide the support you are looking for. I am able to provide several names of doulas available around your due date, and you are welcome to choose the backup of your choice. You are welcome to call, email or personally meet your backup before your due date, so you are comfortable with the person backing me up!