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Your life-gaurd doula

Your life-gaurd doula

The Copper Package - $700

This package is designed for those who have already been around the block a time or two (or more)!  Repeat clients, or mothers who have ‘done this before” will appreciate the simplicity of this package, while still getting quality reassurance and support.   

This package includes:

1 Prenatal visit (done in Trisha's home or via Skype)
1 optional Skype visit
12 hours of labor support (any additional hours are billed)
Free TENS unit rental for labor
$25 discount for paying in full


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Your personal trail guide

Your personal trail guide

Purchase Silver Doula Package

The Silver Package - $900

The silver doula package is the most familiar package to clients.  With two face to face visits, and option to Skype and one postpartum visit, this straight forward doula package provides just the right amount of support that most educated parents around the world have benefited from. I’ve also included a labor tool kit  you to use and enjoy before and during labor. 

This package includes:
1 Optional Skype visit
2 Prenatal visits
1 Postpartum visit
Digital or printed binder
Access to my lending library of books and DVD's
Labor tool kit
Unlimited labor support (no additional billing)
Free TENS unit rental for labor
$50 discount for paying in full

Doula Services with Childbirth Education Included:

Your personal park ranger

Your personal park ranger

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Your personal Sherpa mountain guide

Your personal Sherpa mountain guide

Purchase Platinum Doula Package

Make a Payment for Any Package

The Gold Package - $1100

Taking a comprehensive childbirth class maximizes your chance of having a vaginal delivery.  As a certified childbirth educator I can provide my doula clients well-rounded birth education, and the opportunity for us to get to know each other before the big day arrives.  In this package clients have the option of choosing a full course, or just take a couple of classes of their choice with a couple of prenatal visits included for added benefit.  Classes will be done in my home, while prenatal visits are done in yours.  

This package includes:
Everything listed in Silver package* with full Prepared Childbirth Course or Out-of-Hospital Birth Prep
Clients can choose from group or private classes (clients drive to me) 
$50 discount for paying in full    

*Except prenatal visits.  Your childbirth classes will take the place of these visits and be much more comprehensive :-)    

The Platinum Package - $1400

Let me walk you through your journey from start to finish.  This Platinum package provides you the luxury of having your childbirth classes in the comfort of your own home*.  Clients also have the added convenience of choosing their own times and dates for their classes based on my availability.  Check out the added services and items listed below!

This package includes:
Everything listed in Silver package (except prenatal visits) plus
Private childbirth class series in the comfort of your own home ($400 value)
1 Additional class of choice (Early Pregnancy, Breastfeeding Basics, Happiest Baby, More Comfort Measures) - Taken in my home
Labor Tool Kit Pro:

    Get the regular tool kit PLUS your choice or an exercise ball or an essential oil kit (peppermint and citrus of your choice)
Client has the option to choose: 
2 Postpartum visits with breastfeeding counseling services if needed
1 Postpartum visit with Traditional Bengkung Belly Binding included
$50 discount for paying in full

*20 mile radius for childbirth classes included in this price.  For those outside of the radius, please add .50/mile after the 20 mile mark to and from each class.  


Scheduled Cesarean Support:  $400

 Having a doula during a cesarean can still be very beneficial.  I will provide one prenatal visit, one postpartum visit, and support the day of your cesarean.  You can expect both physical and emotional support as I help ease your fears, discomforts, nausea, shakes, etc.  I will assist with breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth.  Using a TENS can be beneficial in helping with post-op pain, and I'll be happy to include that free of charge for those interested.  Please read my blog on hiring a doula for cesarean birth for more information! 

Retainer Fee:  A $300.00 retainer fee is required upon signing of my contract.  This secures me (Trisha Blizzard), as your doula, and is non-refundable.  My doula fee is not required all at once, and payment plans are set by the family that I serve.  Discounts are provided for those who choose to pay in full at signing.  Please see contract for service fees and details.  
Please call or email if you have any questions!  817-226-5475 or email at