"From the very first time I talked to Trisha, I knew I had found someone special. Trisha was kind and an empathetic listener on the phone. I felt instantly calmed by her demeanor and her aura of capability. She invests everything she has into her clients. She is honest, sweet, and overall wonderful. If you have come across her name you are truly fortunate- you will not find a better doula.  The classes were terrific. She went through the material at a pace and in a style uniquely tailored to us. Sheallowed us to have the classes on different days and times when we could fit them in. Trisha was always very prepared and gave us lots of workbooks and handouts that we could refer to later. We could call or email her any time. I once got an email back from her at 3am!  My goal was to birth naturally and I truly couldn't have done it without Trisha. My labor started fast and furious with contractions every three minutes apart. Trisha was the first phone call I made. She kept me calm through early labor despite my frequent contractions. She stayed by my side the entire labor. She massaged, hugged, held my hair, and numerous other things for 12 long hours without one word of complaint. She was completely respectful of my wishes.  She didn't judge one bit of my weaknesses, screams, curse, stubbornness to change position, or the various other things women are prone to in labor. She had a million suggestions for things I could try and she knew when I was ready to listen to them. She never pushed me but let me make my own way while holding my hand and staying with me through every difficult step. Labor was worse than I imagined but Trisha was better!  I am so very grateful Trisha was there and any woman would be incredibly lucky to have her attend their birth.
I would recommend Trisha wholeheartedly. There is simply no better investment that you could make.
- G.M.

"Pregnant with our first baby boy, we knew we needed help!  So we signed up for Trisha’s at-home ‘Prepared Childbirth’ classes.  She taught the classes and showed us one-on-one, in the comfort of our own home, how to practice some of the stress relieving techniques.  Well worth the price, rather than sitting through a class full of first-timers in an impersonal hospital setting.  After a couple classes we knew she was the doula for the job.  She went above and beyond, through a few false labors, to be by our side.  She made my husband look like a rock star!  Our men want to be there for us and help but do they really know ‘how’ to help us?  This is where Trisha came in; she showed my husband ‘how’ to help me.  There are no words to express the joy, comfort, gratitude and love they both showed me.  We definitely recommend Trisha to anyone looking for that extra piece of mind."  – The Grubbs Family, clients in 2015

"So thankful I had Trisha as my doula for my second child. She ended up going above and beyond..we had no way of know that baby would come about two weeks early, that my husband would miss the birth entirely, that Trisha would be the one to get me get me to the hospital (after convincing me that yes, I was really in labor). She was so calming, so helpful. She knows just how to ease a contraction, whether its applying pressure on the hips, a calm word, or squeezing your hand so tight... Birthing and doulas go together like peanut butter and jelly, and it doesn't get better than birthing with Serenity!"  - Leslie

"Not knowing what to expect giving birth to my first child, Trisha provided everything I needed in a doula, from childbirth classes, to answering my unending list of questions, to helping me give birth and supporting me postpartum. She is not only an amazing resource with a plethora of knowledge, but she is incredibly compassionate and supportive and the birth of my first child would not have been the same without her help."- K.D.

"I was in labor for over 50 hours, so even with having two labor partners, everyone was getting pretty exhausted as no one really had a chance to sleep. Once Trisha met us at the birthing center, she had a clear head and took over duties, even telling my labor partners to relax and go to sleep, so they would be ready when it came time to push. She also kept me changing positions, which is something we forgot while we were laboring at home. She was a lifesaver and we're so thankful she was with us!"  - Carissa Wilson

"Hiring Trisha was one of the most important decisions we made for our second pregnancy. I had a C-section with my first birth and wanted to try for a VBAC with our second. I was able tobirth my second baby vaginally with no pain meds and attribute a large part of my success to the invaluable information and support provided throughout my pregnancy by Trisha." - Jodi Skipper

"Trisha's calming presence (and voice, touch, knowledge, experience, intuition) were so key to my pain management. My husband never felt threatened or replaced, just encouraged and supported. The three of us worked as a team in both of my deliveries."  - Paige

"As a first time single mom, it was important for me to find a doula that I trust and can help me with all the questions and concerns I had during my first pregnancy. I am a person who really likes to learn and I wanted my birth to be an experience where I didn’t go in uniformed. Though I knew that anything could happen, I wanted to work with a doula that had experience and that I could personally feel comfortable with. From the first day I talked to Trisha on the phone, I knew I wanted to work with her. She had a wealth of information to share, and all the information was backed up by a lot of research. Even if I had a short simple question for her, Trisha always provided me a lot of research for pros and cons, and she never pushed me to a decision, but wanted to ensure I had all the information that I needed. On a personal level Trisha was really warm, friendly, and took her job seriously. I could not have done a natural birth without Trisha. She knew exactly what to do, how to help me every step of the way, and was there for me every time. Trisha is very prompt and professional.
I also attended Trisha’s classes, which were extremely helpful and contained an incredible amount of useful research as well as real-life examples and useful exercises. I highly recommend Trisha as a doula, as well as her classes. If I have another baby, I would definitely have Trisha again as my doula. Thank you so much for everything!"   - C.S

"I wanted to go natural with our first child (no epidural, no meds, etc), but the pain was too much for me and I caved and got an epidural.  I look back on that birth experience and wish that we had someone there to help encourage us and give us suggestions during the hard parts.  So we hired Trisha to be there for the birth of our second child and I got the birth experience I had hoped for! I can't imagine doing it without her next time.  I felt way more in control and empowered having a doula there by our side."  - K.B.

"Birth is a life changing event like no other. I have heard of births that have left women feeling isolated and defeated. But after our home water birth, I felt empowered and innately capable of birth, the various challenging aspects of new motherhood, and life. As a new mom who was lucky enough to work with Trisha Blizzard, I can tell you that the team of people you have by your side during birth makes all the difference. You can accomplish things you deemed impossible (birth, breastfeeding, motherhood) with the support of a great team. We called Trisha in as a pseudo emergency when we were pretty far along in labor — I had never met her, but our midwife had given her a glowing recommendation. Trisha showed up very quickly, during a contraction, and jumped right into action and I knew from then on that we had made the right choice. Trisha has an extremely calming presence talking through each wave of contractions, and her skills in massage, accupressure, and the almighty TENS unit offered a comfort that I cannot explain. I would absolutely recommend working with Trisha as your doula ... because while we were lucky enough that she was available that morning while we were in the throngs of it, I couldn't have imagined it without her and it would have been a very different birth if we hadn't been able to work with her." - L.M.

"My husband was quite leery of my decision to have a natural, unmedicated birth. As worried as he was about me, he was worried about how he'd handle it himself. After our very first childbirth class with Trisha, we both went from nervous to excited. She helped us communicate about our fears and helped us find ways to cope with them. She prepared us extremely well. I sent my husband to a "fathers only" class given by a local hospital and he came home telling me that he had learned more from Trisha than that class could even touch on. Her childbirth classes were extraordinary. During the birth, Trisha was my rock. I panicked and she brought me back to center- more than once. She was patient, kind and encouraging during my moment of terror and I will be forever grateful for that, and for her. Having Trisha as our doula changed everything. She opened our eyes to so many things and prepared us more than we could have ever imagined. We will forever treasure her as a part of our first birthing experience and wouldn't think twice about hiring her for any subsequent births. - L.B.

"Trisha was our amazing doula for the birth of our son. He was born at home on September 23, 2009. She spent as much time as we needed before-hand making sure that we were prepared and educated. She also took time to put together a special class for our moms since they would be present during the entire process. These classes helped us all feel so much more confident about the whole process. At about 3:00am on September 23 we called Trisha to come over because I was having contractions and they were getting harder to manage on my own. She came right over and never left my side until he was born at 8:56pm that night! She was constantly making sure that I had everything I needed- making me food, getting me water, etc. With every contraction she was there to help me through it. I know that if Trisha wasn’t there, my labor would have been so much harder. We were all so thankful to have her there! I am still so amazed at Trisha’s work. She is so good at what she does. I truly believe it is her calling to be a doula and help women do what their bodies are made to do. I would highly recommend her to anyone in a heart beat!" - A.G.

“Trisha was an absolutely wonderful support system for me as my doula. The amount of experience and expertise she has made me feel extremely at ease and prepared for my second labor and delivery. She is incredibly smart and blessed with a keen intuition to sense exactly what to do when you need it. Her postpartum breastfeeding advice was incredibly helpful as well.  I wholeheartedly recommend her!”  - Ashlyn D.

My husband and I both HIGHLY recommend Trisha and her services, I honestly cannot say enough about her, and our entire experience. We (my husband and I) both attended Trisha's birthing classes knowing we didn't want a doula, after about five minutes in the birthing class we KNEW we needed Trisha. She had/ has so much knowledge we were blown away! After our first class we asked Trisha to be our doula for the birth of our daughter, and the expereince was amazing. Trisha was there the night my water broke and stayed with us and answered our every question and concern. Without going into too much graphic detail, she was the glue that held my perfect birthing experience together. SHE WAS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! We hope to work with her in the future because I honestly cannot imagine childbirth without her!! -Lindsey Engelbrecht

Trisha was truly fantastic. I would absolutely recommend her to any new mother. We took her classes and they were very informative. She gave us lots of information about the birthing process, about what options we had, and about different things that could potentially happen while giving birth. It really helped relieve some of my worries going in.

I don’t know what we would have done without her. She was there for us every step of the way. She is such a calm and level-headed person and has so much experience and a wealth of knowledge. It was wonderful to have her there. She helped keep me relaxed, even when things weren’t going quite as we planned. She was with me all 18 hours of labor. When I needed to have a C-Section, she was there with me in the operating room, when I started feeling sick, she was there with some peppermint essential oil before the doctor could administer any medication. She was there after the C-Section to make sure he was latched and nursing.

She has been fantastic after the birth as well, she came by to check on us and make sure everything was going well and she’s always just been a phone call or email away if I have any questions. I cannot speak highly enough of her. She is a wonderful doula who has made being a new mom so much smoother”
- Rachel Ireland

“I’m a first time mom and as anxious as you can get. Let me tell you about Trisha. She prepared us so well, her prep classes are informative, engaging, and gave us peace of mind. She helped us stick to our birth plan and was the most wonderful presence in the delivery room. She coached my husband into an amazing and supportive birth partner, and I don’t think I could have stuck to the kind of birth I wanted if it wasn’t for her. I highly, highly recommend Trisha as a doula. She was wonderful. She’s kind, supportive, firm and blunt when you ask her to be, and funny (trust me, there is little to no dignity in child birth, you need a sense of humor and an easy going spirit). Thank you, Trisha “ - D.C.

Trisha was my first doula and she helped with my 4th pregnancy and delivery. I loved having a doula and Trisha was great! She made me feel taken care of. As much as my husband helped, it was priceless having someone there who knew what I was going through. Though my labor was really too fast to experience any (or much) of the pain-relieving tricks Trisha has up her sleeve, I really loved the emotional support and am so thankful that I had that.” -S.B