What My Clients Have to Say


People hire real estate agents to sell their house or CPAs to do their taxes....but when it comes to having a baby, who will be your educated advisor? Your advocate? Look out for your interests first? Your medical provider can only go so far in providing this type of personalized care. Hiring Trisha (and taking her classes) was the best decision we ever made when it came to the birth of our son. I only wish we had done it earlier in my pregnancy! --Laura D.

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"Not knowing what to expect giving birth to my first child, Trisha provided everything I needed in a doula, from childbirth classes, to answering my unending list of questions, to helping me give birth and supporting me postpartum. She is not only an amazing resource with a plethora of knowledge, but she is incredibly compassionate and supportive and the birth of my first child would not have been the same without her help."-- K.D.

Pregnant with our first baby boy, we knew we needed help!  So we signed up for Trisha’s at-home ‘Prepared Childbirth’ classes.  She taught the classes and showed us one-on-one, in the comfort of our own home, how to practice some of the stress relieving techniques.  Well worth the price, rather than sitting through a class full of first-timers in an impersonal hospital setting.  After a couple classes we knew she was the doula for the job.  She went above and beyond, through a few false labors, to be by our side.  She made my husband look like a rock star!  Our men want to be there for us and help but do they really know ‘how’ to help us?  This is where Trisha came in; she showed my husband ‘how’ to help me.  There are no words to express the joy, comfort, gratitude and love they both showed me.  We definitely recommend Trisha to anyone looking for that extra piece of mind. –The Grubbs Family, client in 2015