Award Winning Childbirth Classes - Now in Boise, Idaho!

Are you planning ton birthing OUT of hospital? (Birth center or home birth). If yes, you'll need to visit the out-of-hospital course designed just for you - click here for that link.

Empowered Birth Preparation

Includes a labor tool kit for students to use before and during labor!

Class One - The Rhythm of Labor - Class time:  About 2 1/2 hours
Basic anatomy (we will discuss water breaking, mucus plugs, placentas and more)!
Preterm, prodromal, and real labor
Signs of labor
The stages of labor

Class Two - Three Ways to an Easier Birth - Class time:  About 2 1/2 hours
The hormones of labor - and the benefits to mom and baby, and why you can do this!
How to ease the intensity of labor with maternal and fetal positioning
How can your support person help?  Labor tools and techniques to ease labor!
The importance of relaxation

Class Three - Informed Choices in Labor - Class time:  2 hours
Evidenced based information on the benefits and risks of hospital interventions
Methods for inductions - Sometimes you have a choice!
How to use your BRAIN, and talk to your provider about your birth plan

Class Four - When Labor Roads are Blocked - Class time:  2 hours
Medical reasons for inductions and cesareans - what does the evidence say?
The cesarean process and recovery
Build your birth plan:  (A unique approach that seems to be a big hit with my students)!

Class Five - Postpartum Recovery and Newborn Basic Class- Class time:  2 hours
What to expect immediately after birth and through the following weeks postpartum
Newborn basic information includes - common newborn procedures, tests and screenings
What to expect once you are home - what's normal,  and when to call the pediatrician
Taking a temperature, giving a bath, dressing and swaddling
An introduction to the Happiest Baby on the Block - a quick overview of the 5 S's

 Class Six- Final Review- 1 hour - Optional*
Labor at a glance - a review of the stages of labor
Comfort measures review
"Birthinary" - a game that helps bring it all together as we review course information.  Prizes!

*Many students skip class 6 and opt for a quick 15 minute review of comfort measures and questions and answers.  It's really up to you! 

Course Prices

Serenity Birth Services Prepared Childbirth Course - 5-6 classes listed above (2 -2.5 hours each)
Group Series:  $125 per couple (5 classes/5 weeks)
Private Series - I come to your home*-  $300 per couple (Pick your times and days)
Private Series - You come to me:  $200 per couple (Pick your times and days)

SKYPE Course:  $250 per couple with newborn class or $225 without newborn class

Learn in the comfort of your own home!  I will ship your labor tool kit and booklets, and provide binder handouts in PDF format. I will be there instructing you, sharing my PowerPoint slides and videos, and answering your questions through each and every class.  Clients need to have a computer or tablet capable of face to face video.

Registration Fee:  A $50 registration is required to book your classes.  This fee is nonrefundable. 
It is important to make sure that I am available prior to making any payments!
Please register prior to making the deposit (Contact me for link to online registration form). 

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Childbirth Course Series

Additional Information

Childbirth classes are held in Meridian, Idaho.

Some insurance companies will reimburse their members for childbirth classes.  I will be happy to provide you a receipt to submit for that purpose!  Clients can also pay for childbirth classes using their HSA or FSA. 

*Travel to private classes includes a 15 mile radius.  There is a .50/mile fee both to and from each class traveled after the 15 mile mark. Please email for a quote.

Private classes can be taught in your home or mine.  Choosing private classes will provide clients with that personal one-on-one support.  Students can choose the times an dates for their classes. Classes can be held once a month, weekly, bi-weekly, more than once a week, or all in-one-day! You set the pace convenient for you, and start as early in the pregnancy as you would like!

More than one person on your birth team?  (Grandma, sister, etc) - please feel free to bring them to class too.  There is no extra fee :-)

My classes are tailored for those trying for a VBAC, or planning a home or birth center birth.   I will provide you with the relevant information you need based on your situations! 

Click the learn more button if you'd like to know what is included in your Prepared Childbirth Course (labor tools, binders and more)!