Although breastfeeding is a very natural process, it isn’t always easy for moms and babies.   We have become a culture where breastfeeding is an unfamiliar process – so much so that our heads are filled with fears, misunderstandings, and outright untruths.

Although my training as a breastfeeding counselor consisted of helping mothers with a ride range of problems, I have chosen to keep my breastfeeding counseling very basic.  I do prefer to refer out to the specialists in our area for bigger issues (i.e. failure to thrive, mastitis, etc).  

When problems arise, they can grow quickly into bigger issues.  It is crucial to get help as soon as you suspect things are not going as they should.  The problem is that lactation consultants in the hospital, although free, are not often helpful for everyone.  Private IBCLC’s are pricey, and are sometimes not needed for simple issues.  This is where breastfeeding counselors like me come in!  Clients can start with a simple session, and either get the help they need, or validate the need for an expert.  

My specialties include:

Newborn latching issues
Newborn milk transfer evaluations
Lip and tongue ties
Suck training assistance
Lip and tongue tie revision support and assistance
Nipple shield weaning
Providing evidenced-based research

My Fees: 
For clients that drive to me:  $50 for the first 1.5 hours and then $25/hour - sessions are in my home in N. Fort Worth
(Lactation consultations will begin in Boise, Idaho beginning March, 1st, 2019).

For clients that want me to come to their home (within a 15 mile radius):  $75 for the first 1.5 hours and then $50/hour