Experience the comfort and benefits of
Bengkung Belly Binding! 


Booking your Benkung binding session:  
Email me with your estimated due date, and once we have established my availability.  You pay the deposit, sign the contract and I'll put 'on the books'. 
After your baby is born, you will call and let me know your baby is born, and we will schedule your session within 7 days. 
Please feel free to call or email and I'll be happy to discuss the service and answer all of your questions.


Just do the Wrap!

 Photo credit:  Trisha Blizzard

Photo credit:  Trisha Blizzard

I will come to you, wrap you once and show you how to do it - you provide the wrap and other supplies!  Please contact me if you need a list of supplies and I'll be happy to send that over.

This price includes a 15 mile radius. 
If you live outside of that you can either come to me or pay an additional $25. (25 mile maximum).

Traditional Belly Binding

 Photo Credit: Trisha Blizzard

Photo Credit: Trisha Blizzard

This package includes:

  • One belly binding session and instructions
  • The wrap (yours to keep)
  • Under wrap (worn under your bind)
  • A jar of firming paste
  • Complimentary breastfeeding consultation up to 30 minutes!
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This price includes a 20 mile radius, and you are welcome to drive to me if you'd like.

 Postpartum Pampering

Serenity_Postpartum_ Pampering.jpg

Premium postpartum pampering includes:
Everything that the traditional binding session includes PLUS:

  • Up to 60 minutes of breastfeeding support
  • Your choice of one of the following baths:
  • The Cleopatra Milk Bath (read about it below)
  • Deep Healing Postpartum Bath
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More Information!

Cleopatra Milk Bath
Milk baths have been done for centuries, and Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, was renowned for her glowing skin and beauty.  Legend has it that she bathed in milk to keep her skin soft and beautiful (and in fact had 700 lactating donkeys to keep up with her daily regime)!  Cleopatra wasn’t the only person in history to enjoy this extravagance, many other notable royalty have also indulged in milk baths - not only for the luxurious skin properties, but it was believed to be medicinal as well.  Spas around the world are bringing this practice back in full swing, and now you too can enjoy a little dip into paradise.  

Milk is extremely beneficial to your skin, as it is rich in vitamins and minerals — namely Vitamin E and zinc — which are super good for your skin.  It is helpful for soothing skin irritation, and infuses your skin with hydration and elasticity.  Milk also contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, which dissolve the proteins that hold together dead skin cells together.  (In other words, it provides gentle exfoliation of your dead skin).  Your skin will be radiant, and you’ll feel amazing! 
Lactose intolerant?  Don’t worry, as long as you don’t drink your bath water, you will be fine! 

The Serenity Postpartum Herbal Bath
Herbal baths can provide physical and emotional relaxation, and is perfectly suitable for those early postpartum days.  Herbal baths can be heaven-sent on your sore bottom!  There are many herbs that can be used to soothe tender bottom and perineum, and I’ve listed the ingredients of my herbal bath and along with their properties here.  Essentially I have infused your herbal bath with herbs to help promote healing for tears, episiotomies, reduce swelling and inflammation from said area, and do the same for those pesky hemorrhoids. It is also a great antiseptic and astringent.   Overall, an herbal bath is not only relaxing but may also aid in the healing process.   Perfect for soothing both your physical emotional well-being.

Your herbs are contained within a sachet of muslin so you don’t have to worry about clogging your drain with a ton of herbs (and you will still get all the wonderful healing benefits too).  

I’ll fill your peri-bottle with this soothing herbal solution.

If the idea of a full bath doesn’t sound good, that’s okay, consider a quick sitz bath, or I can leave you with the supplies and instructions so you can enjoy your bath when you are ready.