"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear."
-Jane Weideman



A woman’s birth should be a very private moment in a woman’s life, yet her birth room is often filled with strangers she has never met. So why would someone want to hire another stranger to help her during her birth? After all, isn’t her spouse, friend, sister, or mother supposed to support her during this time? 

As your doula, I will come to know you, so I won’t be just another stranger. I will get to know your hopes, and fears surrounding your birth, long before that day comes. On that day your baby arrives, I will be that person in the room that will know a little bit of the medical side, but will also be deeply invested in supporting you and helping your achieve your birth goals -whatever they may be. Nurses do not have the time to be with laboring mothers anywhere near the time new parents expect.  A doula provides continuous support.

My job as a doula is to also help with comfort measures, so that a mother can go unmedicated as long as she wishes. I have some tricks up my sleeve that your support person may not have learned (or may not remember) from childbirth class. I will also be there to provide suggestions when things vary from the path of normal.  I may be able to guide you into positions that will help rotate a baby into an optimum position, provide alternatives to inductions, and birth argumentation, and reduce your chance of having a cesarean in the process.


Photo credit:  Christy carlson

Photo credit:  Christy carlson

A doula can support a woman through any type of birth. It doesn’t matter if it’s an elective cesarean, or a birth with all of the bells and whistles. Most women choose to hire a doula to get through her birth with the least amount of interventions as possible. Birth is hard work for everyone involved. Sometimes a partner can be stressed under this pressure. It’s not easy to see someone work so hard! A doula and the partner work right along with the mother as she labors. They work together to ease the mothers pain, while the doula keeps dad looking calm, cool and collected. She is there to let them know when things are normal, and help explain the situation when things are not. 

Studies show that having when women receive continuous support from a doula, they are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births, less likely to have pain medication, vacuum or forceps-assisted births, negative feelings about childbirth,  and their chances of having a cesarean were reduced!   In addition, their labors were shorter, Pitocin augmentation, was used less,  and their babies were less likely to have low Apgar scores at birth and had less risk of needing to go to the NICU.

The studies also showed that the best results occurred when woman had continuous labor support from a doula– and not someone from the mother's social network, or someone provided by the hospital staff.   --2012, Hodnett et al.




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